I Wood Elegance Construction

I Wood Elegance Construction is a company which provides design and build services in carpentry work. We cover various types of project, from residential, commercial, hotel, restaurant, office, institution,  governmental building to infrastructure.

I work in the industry for more than 20 years. I’m fully dedicated to it. I study many methods in achieving the best outcome. Especially those issues client always argue on carpentry work, I manage to solve most of them. In fact, I know what will happen and I prevent them before they happen. Client is happy with my experience and workmanship. I envision my company to be one of most prominent design and build companies in years soon. Thank you all my clients for supporting me.

Franky Chai



To become one of the most prominent design and build company in Malaysia.


To produce a client-satisfied result in timely manner with dedicated effort and honest pricing.



We produce design for our clients. From mood board to layout planning to 3D design, our design caters for our clients’ needs.

We realise our clients’ design to reality. Our company emphasizes on  detailed workmanship with honest pricing.

With our rich experience in the market, we manage project in a resource-effective, cost-effective and time-effective manner.